Caboose Update - Framing

Here are some updates on our new caboose.
First, here’s a view of the frame in the very early stages. A caboose, like most all rolling stock made 100 years ago, was made nearly entirely of wood. Our frame is made of oak, for strength, just like the real ones.

There are metal parts, of course. You can see one of the ‘knuckle” couplers here, and some of the tensioning rods that add strength to the car without adding a lot of weight.

And here you can see the siding going on. This is clear yellow poplar, correctly scaled, and cut with tongue-and-groove to be as authentic as possible.

A New Caboose for Tiny Town

One of the most requested seats on the train (after the engineer’s seat) is in our caboose, where little ones can ride like the conductors of old. We only have one caboose large enough for the kids to fit in.

We’ve decided that we need another caboose, and on the heels of a successful program to deisgn and build a new locomotive (read the story here) we have embarked upon a project to design and build a new caboose for Tiny Town’s railway.

Like all projects, they start as an idea, then an idea turns into a sketch, and sketches turn into production drawings.

So there you have it: our new project is born. Watch the progress of the new caboose right here, and tell your friends.